Let the Experts at Cloudseac Take the Stress Out of Moving Your Business to the Cloud

Cloudseac partners with you to plan and execute a secure and seamless path to the cloud via our proven framework. We help clients digitally transform their infrastructures via successful, predictable outcomes and the smart application of cloud solutions.

The following checklist walks you through some of the early steps we take as part of our engagement framework for cloud migration and modernization with Microsoft Azure.

Identify and Involve Stakeholders

As part of Cloudseac’s discovery process, we reach out to key people throughout your organization, including IT and business stakeholders to learn your business strategy and direction and brief you on current and future capabilities available. Early engagement and support leads to a smoother, faster migration process. This is also when we conduct readiness assessments and inventory all on-premises servers and assess dependencies. Another key objective is to collect institutional knowledge that can help avoid known issues.

Define Design

We next establish objectives and priorities for cloud migration. Part of that process involves planning around major business events such as peak shopping season or end-of-quarter/fiscal year reporting periods. Deliverables include a findings and recommendations report as well as solution design, project plan, budget information, and an implementation roadmap. This step leads to predictable timelines and project costs by establishing a clear path to success.

Proof of Concept/Pilot Project

Our guided project includes deployment training and support and provides data critical to accurately forecast future spending/consumption. A solid training foundation is also important for successful organizational change. Check out the free training materials available from our partner Microsoft on the Microsoft Learn for Azure portal, including courses on Azure fundamentals, solution architecture, and security. This is also a key phase of SaaS applications, allowing for testing migration approaches and verifying security, compliance, and governance frameworks before mass migration.

Cloud Deployment

This is where all the assessments and pre-planning really pays off, with the result being a secure and seamless migration. There are several different migration strategies to consider, including re-hosting, re-factoring, and re-architecting (or re-platforming). By this stage, Cloudseac will have identified the best path, or combination of paths, for your organization and defined a clear deployment roadmap to follow to completion. For example, re-hosting — often referred to as “lift-and-shift” — lets us move your data and applications from a local, on-premises data center to the public cloud, without the risk or expense of code changes.

Optimize, Secure and Manage

Now that your business is safe in the cloud, our experts optimize, secure, and manage your new deployment, offering admin support services, end-user adoption assistance, and helpdesk support.

To learn more on Cloudseac’s proven engagement framework, click here. And for a more detailed explanation of the cloud migration process, download the Cloud Migration Checklist from our partners at Microsoft.